About Us

IMPORTER DISTRIBUTOR IN BALLOONS , PARTY & DECORATE ITEMS                     BALLOON CASH & CARRY , the  45th Antheon str, 111 43 ATHENS Greece  - HOUR 8,00 - 17,00 DAILY & SATURDAY 8,00 - 15,00


 30 years in balloon industry, we are firmly in one of the leading positions of the Greek market.
We import and sell in wholesale and retail quality balloons, effects and decor items,
We provide know-how and technical support about balloon art with our seminars throughout the year.
We remain to the first place in advertising balloon printing
With a smile and focused on our goal of impeccable service, we are willing to serve each customer individually, depending on their small or large needs. 
We continue with seriousness and professionalism, and at the same time with the human and friendly relationship on a personal level.
The fullest range of balloons in the Balkans, as everyone can discover by exploring our site, or by visiting our cash & carry.
The first company that imported hight quality  balloons in Greece in 1990
The first 
balloon cash and carry  in Greece.
The Marketing department of the company listens to, respects and studies the needs of the market, with a final vision to always have a solution to the small or big daily problems of its customers.
Thank you for your trust and we continue ....................